Adult Outpatient Physiotherapy and Hand Therapy Department

The adult outpatient physiotherapy and hand therapy department provides patients with a high quality, effective and patient centered service for conditions that affect your spine, bones, joints muscles, tendons, nerves and surrounding tissues that move the body.

The team consists of highly-trained professionals, whose skills complement each other and help to ensure that we can offer a comprehensive service.

The service helps people of all ages affected by pain, injury and disability to get moving and improve their activities of daily living both at home, at work or in sports. We aim to help you find ways to manage your symptoms to facilitate recovery and promote independent and healthier lifestyle. At core of our treatment is patient’s involvement in their own care. Exercise is a key part of treatment and helps reduce stiffness, improve flexibility in your joints and muscles and if done regularly will help long term improvements in your condition.

Outpatient Physiotherapy Service:

The outpatient physiotherapy service offers individual and group based appointments to help promote physical independence by enhancing function, encouraging individuals to assume responsibility for their health and well-being.

Conditions we treat:

• Musculoskeletal complaints such as: Shoulder and arm pain, Neck pain, Back pain with or without associated disc problems and/or sciatica, hip or knee pain and ankle or foot.

• Strains and sprains

• Post-operative and post-fracture rehabilitation

• Sports injuries

• Chronic pain conditions

Physiotherapy Pain Management Service:

BeST (Back Skills Training) Programme – A specialised 6 week group programme designed by Oxford University.

· Patients over 18years of age

· Low back pain +/- leg pain of more than 6 weeks

· The service currently accepts internal referrals only.

Chronic Pain Group Programme – for generalised widespread musculoskeletal pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, etc. The group accepts referrals from internal Rheumatology Consultants and the Pain Clinic.

Hand Therapy Service:

The hand therapy service provides specialist care for adults and children with both non-surgical and surgical conditions of the hand and forearm.

Our aim is to allow people to return to optimum function with their hand, wrist and arm within their own lives. As a patient, you'll receive a tailored assessment and treatment session.

Working closely with plastic, orthopaedic and rheumatology consultants, your therapist will have a sound understanding of any surgical or medical procedures performed and the plan for your recovery.

Conditions suitable for hand therapy:

· Arthritis, fractures and soft tissue injuries of hand and wrist

· Neurological hand conditions, Tendon and nerve repair/transfers

· Work related upper limb disorders

Treatments available:

· Custom-made splint fabrication

· Exercise Programmes and functional rehabilitation

· Wound care and Scar management

· Therapy classes

How to Access Outpatient Physiotherapy and Hand Therapy Service:

The team accepts referrals from:

· Local GP practices in Bedfordshire – under 18s only

· Local GP practices in Luton – under 16s only

· Selected clinicians working within the Luton & Dunstable Hospital


My Physiotherapist was very caring and professional #


With the help of the Physiotherapist I was able to return to work much quicker than I thought! #