MSA Luton - Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a way of life and is always here for you. Whether you are a novice or expert Muay Thai technician there is no harm in learning different approaches of Muay Thai training. As a student of Muay Thai, the learning of theory and fighting systems is fundamental and key to ensure focus, skill, technique and coordination. It does not matter whether your purpose is to keep fit, use MT as a hobby or become a professional fighter I will ensure that you will possess tools that will last a lifetime. In Master Skens Academy we incorporate discipline, Dedication and determination!!

Come and learn traditional Muay Thai boxing techniques focusing on improving your confidence, coordination, accuracy and speed. Kru Dad will assist you in your self set goals, whether that be improving your fitness, conditioning, or even train for ring sport.

Our classes are designed for children aged 6 - 16 years and aim to instill Discipline, Dedication and Determination in your child.


Wednesdays : 18:00pm - 19:30pm


Classes for children and young people age 6-16.


£5 per session


Name: Kru David

Phone: 07954408089



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