There are times in our lives when our ability to cope alone is significantly diminished. You may be there right now. Perhaps negative experiences from the past, or significant life changing experiences have altered the way you think, feel, or behave. You want to move forward, but just can't seem to break the cycle of shame, guilt and fear? You may be unsure who you can trust?

Perhaps you are here because you may be considering counselling, but uncertain if counselling really is for you? Whatever the reason you are here, my hope is the relevant pages will provide the information that helps you to make an informed decision.


Thursday Evenings by appointment only

Sessions take place in the privacy of the Galley Room


Name: Paulette Adams

Phone: 07722 653634



Facebook: Hope restored Counselling

Instagram: Hope_Restored


"Thank you for everything, Thank you for helping me to change the way I look at things and listening to me rant about everything!!! You've helped me more than you know and I am so grateful!!!" #

Client One


Very open and genuine counsellor, who listens without judgement. I would definitely recommend Paulette Adams for all types of counselling services. #

Client Two