Herts Ability

Herts Ability exists to help people remain independent whilst living with a medical condition. We can assess a person’s ability to drive safely following illness or injury and using a fleet of specially adapted vehicles, we can advise on the best way forward. Herts Ability staff can also offer support in finding an alternatives to driving.

We have had many success stories whilst operating from the Hub and, as a registered charity, Herts Ability thrive on feedback. This was received by one of our clients recently.

Herts Ability operates from the Bushmead Community Hub every Monday with Assessors Wendy Valentine and James Hinkins. If you feel that an assessment is required or, if you have any concerns regarding driving, please do get in touch by calling 01707 324581 or email driving@hertsability.org.uk




Phone: 01707 324581

E-mail: driving@hertsability.org.uk

Facebook: @hertsability

Website: Herts Ability – A charity helping disabled people to lead an independent life.


Herts Ability have literally given me back my independence again. I am so grateful to all the staff there. I live in Buckinghamshire and so each week my husband would drive me on the 100 mile round trip to have my lessons but this was definitely worth the time spent. James, my driving instructor was so patient and understanding whilst I got used to the new adaptations. I am really grateful to all the team at Herts Ability and thank you for all you have done. It is great to be driving again. #